My dance team (African Students Association dance team) performing to Stromae’s Papaoutai.

Anything and I mean anything is possible if we believe it is- this team made me believe that. We made this dance in two and a half weeks because we were fully determined and we had a smashing successful performance. Please give it a look.

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It’s been a month or more since my last FF post and it was not from lack of want but a real lack of time to indulge even in the simple act of blogging itself. I am happy to contribute this week.


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Whack, Thwack, Thwack!- Again and again with no mercy

Fiercely dealing out the beatdown of a lifetime ruthlessly with no mercy lurking about.

For such a sweet looking lady you would never have expected such strength and monstrous ability

She kept stabbing and cutting as violently as she could

She would get the job done before the police officers came and ruined everything

No she could not have that! She had planned it all out and had put in so much energy

Cold to her touch

Her husband’s 50th birthday gift; a statue honouring his time as Chief of Police. (100)

“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words”- Edgar Allan Poe


For this semester one of my classes is a 400 level writing based on most poetry and workshops on mostly poems. I do believe I am quite excited because now I can attain an academic perspective on my poems and poetic abilities. If all goes well I know I shall be overwhelmed with joy and if all does not….


I shall cry and wail till my tear ducts fail

I shall weep till I can create my own pond

I shall leave nothing but a sorrowful trail

I shall fear all and from school abscond.


But I hope, pray and know all will go well.


“The only reason to ever point a gun at someone is if you intend to shoot them”- Anonymous

Metaphorically speaking you could do this without a physical gun..words are enough. Like someone recently told me, do not apologize for honest feelings for it is better to be real than to be fake.

Thank you.

Warning: Strong language.

Disclaimer: This post is not religiously affiliated, just emotional.


Being shitted on does not feel good, so for all the people who can’t be themselves without doing it or taking it- good luck to you bro.

This is for the people who are sincerely tired of their piling stack of stinking shit and please pardon my toilet euphemisms but when you’re this pissed every thought is either dirty or dangerous.

Someone said marriage is a two way street and i’d like to say that whoever it was must have been a genius however there are some people who do not want that.

If being a good wife means that through good and bad I will have to stay bent over for you to make the marriage work then marriage is certainly not for me.

Don’t complain if you are not going to do anything about your situation. I know it’s not easy, truly I know it’s not but if your partner is not being fair, everyone will be suffering….you, the children and I don’t see what for. So because some effed up ancient culture says take this shit, you take it. You must have had God intervene because personally I count what’s worth it.

I only want to bend over backwards for someone who’s prepared to do the exact same for me.

All this has been brought up by latent anger but my thoughts and feelings are crystal clear. I am nobody’s emotional garbage bin. I am a pressure cooker just like everyone else and this post means I’ve just boiled over and need to be emptied.

Seeing what I see…I feel like marriage should have the vows said by the woman and then the man shrugs and says, “well, because of tradition this shit is imaginary but because you want this…for richer for poor, for better for worse, through thick and thin, till death do us part….oh wait fuck that last part”.

Don’t be offended if you’re in a healthy marriage or ask what about the women who are the wrong ones….these are all different from what i’m talking about and i’m drawing form a personal situation. That’s all. If you know someone being shitted on and saying they  want to be like Christ, please let me know what you said to them or did to help them wake up and keep in mind that he didn’t teach us to let people take advantage of us especially when we can see that is exactly what they are doing.


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Copyright - Marie Gail Stratford


Copyright- Marie Gail Stratford


Forks & Straws.

Devouring and consuming all in sight,

The wretched ghouls come out at night

Condemned souls looking for thrills at their work place

Not knowing the perils they shall face.


Graveyards are no place for love making

To the demons that roam, the souls and flesh found are for the taking

They come prepared with cutlery and utensils

With fear and trepidation all hearts still to be broken like window sills


Marco, Polo they all yell out

No response, not a scream, shriek or shout

Everyone knows how they’ll be eaten

Their hearts by forks, brains by straws and flesh uneaten.





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Copyright- Adam Ickes

It’s Not Love

The smell of blood was pervasive. He had the power to see what evil had taken place.

What he saw chilled his spine.

A frail girl deeply in love with someone who’s heart she could never own; mostly because he had none.

He had seduced her in the forest.

He sought not love; not even lust though he did enjoy physical intimacy to which against his cold exterior felt warm slightly.

It was blood.

It sang to him. It was his only master and the only thing he would kill for.

No wonder the people sacrificed a ram every fortnight.



For love I will understand

For love I will dare to hope, have faith and believe

For love I will push myself

For love I will be patient, kind and compassionate

For love I have been more religious, spiritual and prayerful than ever

I dare say I have found love

And it is accepting of me as a whole

Not in parts, not in pieces and definitely not in fragments.

My love finds no flaw in me, with me and on me

I take off my mask and it remains solid

No criticism, no negativity, just positive, judgement free, unconditional love.