Camgal here.

Its been a while. I have been so busy and I apologize. I actually have a lot stacked for my readers especially the CHYNA HAMPTON DIARY SERIES WHICH I PROMISED TO RELEASE TODAY.

Today i want to talk about being bold and being beautiful. What’s more important to you? Don’t forget, you can be beautiful and still not bold. In my honest opinion, I feel it would be best to be bold first if not only. Beauty fades after a while but confidence is an everlasting glow which will even radiate after you’re dead and gone.

It’s lovely to be beautiful or pretty, attractive, seductive, hot, or handsome etc but all those looks will be a waste if you do not know how to carry yourself. Give your looks the dignity and respect it deserves, if that’s what you believe. In life the most important thing about being yourself, is to be proud of yourself and carry yourself with dignity (don’t forget to swim in giant pools of self-respect) which is very different from overconfidence/superiority complex.

A healthy dose of confidence amounts to beauty beyond what the naked eyes can conceive.

Take for instance, Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, Rosemary, in the movie Shallow Hal. Compared to the role Gwyneth portrayed the difference is obvious. Gwyneth is gorgeous and very confident, while Rosemary is insecure because of her weight.

Even Gwyneth admitted in an interview she did that without her confidence she wouldn’t be herself. That she knows beauty fades and hers will fade one day but not the courage that makes her a truly remarkable star and A-list actress.

So if you don’t feel beautiful on the outside, it’s not a crime. It’s a crime when you have an ugly inside.

Give your attitude a make over if it requires one, the spread your wings and fly.


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