$o R@/I/D(())_M_ >>>(I’m bored)

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Blog Review, Just Me, Love, Movie Review, Movies & Films, Review
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The title looks really random. I was just bored and wanted to try out something new. A lot of times people get bored because they need a change of scene and right now I need a change of scene.

My two favourite shows that would have kept me sane are So Random & The vampire Diaries but I’m so busy I haven’t had time to watch them and they keep repeating episodes I’ve already watched in So random.

Today, I got word that my favourite VD Bad Boy is still very much alive. Sadly what I did not hear is whether Joseph Morgan shall continue as Klaus or not.

Anyone with information on this should please leave it in the comment box. I’m honestly losing it right now lol.

As for So Random, the randomness of the stunts they pull can really spice up an individual’s imagination. I love sketches like ‘Jack Sparrow & the Sparrow family’, ‘The real princesses of New Jersey’ etc What I can’t decide on is which one do I prefer. Sonny with a chance or So Random? Mostly becasue Demi Lovato’s character ‘Sonny Monroe’ could be really random as well. Share your thoughts :)


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