Writer’s Block 1

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Announcement, Blog Review, Just Me
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writer's block - crushed and crumpled paper on...

writer’s block – crushed and crumpled paper on notepad (Photo credit: photosteve101)

It’s funny how our brains have to split when writing. I mean if you write a letter to your family, you will be writing an informal letter. If you are writing a letter applying for a job, you will be writing a formal letter. If you are writing a joke book, you have to be mildly to extremely amusing. If you are writing poetry, you have to be a lot of things etc. So what happens when we get the disease known as writer’s block? How do we meet the deadlines on all the things we have to write down or write & send or blog about?

Start with before the block.

For me, there is always something that causes that block. Distractions or multi tasked writing lol. If I am blogging, I get totally stuck when I try to return to the novel I was writing before I got inspired to blog. How do I then prevent this from happening? Simple. I stop all activities, go offline to microsoft word and type what I have one at a time.

In cases where you can’t remember.

Don’t beat yourself up. I write better when I move past what I’ve forgotten to write and just write.

The truth is.

I have been wedged between my writing and the writer’s block for a while. I got over it when I decided that I would write even if what I wrote didn’t make as much sense as my previous posts. I can tell you it has not been easy at all but, if anything, I’m happy that I didn’t give up and forged ahead.

So the next time you have writer’s block you can either attend the event in London ;) or you can get over it by just writing like crazy.

Do note that this is one of those posts that I publish due to writer’s block & trying to overcome it :)- Camgal

  1. Hi!
    Crazy that we said, at least in part, almost the exact same thing! The ‘cure’ for writer’s block is to write – and write and write! As odd and unlikely as that sounds, it’s exactly what you need to do to break through.
    I’ve done some odd posts of my own. One is all about how I didn’t have a clue what to write about …
    Have a good one,

    • camgal says:

      Thank you. I agree lol. I feel when your stuck you should do a mental or physical note and doodle all the most likely random topics you would have blogged about. In being random a style/pattern is still always formed. Thank you so much for dropping by Julie. Keep in touch :)- Camgal

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