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Posted: June 18, 2012 in Announcement, Life, Love, Romance
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Been so busy working on the first book I hope to complete. It’s called ‘A year in June’ & somehow, a few people who know about it thought that I would be done writing it since we are in the month of June. I had to remind them that the beginning of the title mentions a year…so it may take me till June 2013 to complete the book. However I do promise to put sneak peek’s/previews of the book on my blog. I would like my audience to first let me know what they think of the title. The genre of the novel is Romance. The locations are in, England, Nigeria, Spain and France. Below is a  plot summary (I think), I need opinions, please & thanks.


A woman struggles to get on the path of discovery but realises what she really has to do is retrace her steps. From England to Spain & Romance in France, this Nigerian girl now turned Woman is determined to find peace by piecing back together the hearts she broke. An ex boyfriend she had left in an English prison cell, another she had drowned his heart in a water park, in Paris she had broken his heart like an egg for an omelette whilst they had dinner at the Eiffel tower. True love she had found in her beloved Nigeria but her pride had not let it last. Filled with pride & distrust of the male specie, she destroyed what could have been a most beautiful union. At 26 Ola-edo now faces her greatest fear…..Loneliness. . She takes a trip down memory lane and throws caution to the wind to look for the one who suited her perfectly. Will she learn to forgive herself and accept God’s love? And if she finds her match would he let her back into his life permanently? or was it too late & he was already married to another?

Get ready for A year in June.

Main Characters.

Camilla Ola-edo Elechi

Damien Ike Ige

 – Camgal

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