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Red streaks across the soft cold white surface

Piercing blue unblinking eyes

The moon shining upon her palish blue face

He ponders as the blood dries


She wasn’t supposed to die

What accursed virus had they injected him with

The idiots had told him a blatant lie

He felt like an undead piece of filth


Drako had only tried to turn her

Blood rushing down his throat all a blur till it was no more

Chopped off her head he had, right from her shoulder

He would burn her body, hunt the bastards down and even the score

Vengeful snow day. (101)




Girls this one’s for you.

  1. You rely on him for advice on your current relationship(s)
  2. You keep texting, snap chatting, skyping, tweeting him non-stop
  3. You are still wearing accessories, clothing or shoes given to you by him, not because they’re pretty but because he gave them to you.
  4. You stalk his girlfriends or any girl he interacts with
  5. You casually ask his friends how he is, if he misses you or if he’s miserable without you.
  6. You try to meet up with him every time you go on break.
  7. When you go to parties you casually flirt and dance with his best buds
  8. You try to go down memory lane each time you speak to him
  9. You still have pictures of him in your diary
  10. You dress the way and do things he liked to do even though you don’t like them
  11. You find a way to coincidentally bump into him during school hours and at his work place.
  12. You Joke about the two of you getting back together
  13. You allow him to have a mutually beneficial relationship with you even though you wish it was more
  14. You see yourselves as the characters of the notebook, having a love that lasts through the ages.
  15. You are in constant denial and can’t give a real reason why you haven’t let go.

Some people might say that Ex means Expired and that going back is stupid but if you ever see a second chance that makes perfect sense try to remember you’re not wrong because

The Vampire Diaries (season 1)

The Vampire Diaries (season 1) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 That’s right everyone, Keep calm
Stop hating
Just Love team Delena
Cause you know that’s what’s up!
TVD, Damon, Stefan, Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie, Klaus, Professor Shane, Matt and many more
The vampire diaries has it all and Delena just happens to be the heart of it, in my books ;)
Make sure you watch We’ll always have Bourbon street and hold your horses for O come all ye faithful.

generated by me in favour of Delena

generated by me in favour of Delena

As you all probably do not know, I am a huge Ian Somerhalder fan

Ian Somerhalder Creek Cleanup & Press Conferen...

Ian Somerhalder Creek Cleanup & Press Conference @ Compton High School (Photo credit: Heal the Bay)

which makes me an even more ginormous Damon Salvatore fan- the role he plays on the trending new blood sucking show, The Vampire diaries. Note to self, I do not care what Hollywood thinks or rates them Ian and Nina trump twihearts, Rob & Kristen  in my books any day…I still love Rob though ;)If you watch the Vampire diaries, and you are current; you most likely already know that the writers are trying to mind-f*ck us with this sire bond element in the long awaited Delena glory moment.


Though they tried not to be extreme by assuring us that a vampire is only sired to the person that turned them if they already had feelings for them before becoming a vampire. Woo Hoo and Damon touches down on Elena’s home field. He’s finally in her heart, has gained her affections and then begins to question her feelings because all his life that’s all he has known how to do. He knows rejection, Stefan apparently does not, Damon is satisfactorily more selfless than Stefan and I’m glad the younger Salvatore was genuine enough to admit it.


Stefan got Katherine and I think it’s only fair that Damon be paired with Elena after facing a brutal rejection from Katerina Petrova. Watch Damon in his selflessness and tell me it doesn’t make your heart melt. Oh and not to mention, I’m still hoping for a Klaus and Caroline moment, Tyler is becoming a bit obnoxious.




Glimmering, shimmering, shiny stars

Bright lights

Dark nights

Star gazing

Moon shining

Puns of man

Pawns of the universe

Clusters and crowds

Clear observations, no clouds

Oh luminous sphere of plasma

Twinkling in the sky, no karma

Above the earth, held by gravity

Along the milky way, cavity

Used for celestial navigation and orientation

Beauty beyond compare and imagination

Whether the beauty be in it’s age or in it’s sheer beauty

They remain a wonder

They remain the stars.

They say people do a lot for their friends but they forget to mention that it’s only if they see their friends as worth it ;)

So this goes out to a friend who I think is worth it.


False accusations

A relationship in the mind, creative inventions

Innovative constructions

Flirtationship in a relationship

Looking around instead of at what stands right before the eyes

Kindness, generosity, taken advantage of

Hurt because of most of the lies

Wishing you had not been sucked in by the almost complete

Searching for the one that will make your heart feel complete

You have time on your side, so do not fret

You are still young, so do not fret

You are still walking

Neither ready to start running nor flying

I know it seems tough

But trust me, it’s not the time to be serious about such

I don’t like that you had to experience all that

But it led you to Su and I like that

Take your time, you have a lot of it

Keep the dream alive, you have years to realize it.

Till then, stand strong.

You don’t need to ask twice Ryan, you changed my mind the minute you smiled. Crazy, Stupid, Love happens to be my best Ryan Gosling movie, followed closely by Ides of March co-starring George Clooney.

Who else loves this guys?

I woke up by 10 minutes past 7, to the smell of the French toast, Spanish omelette & hot chocolate my Aunt had taken the liberty to prepare for me. My Aunt Caroline could really be continental when she felt like it.

I got up from the bed. I had slept on the top bunk while my cousin had slept underneath. She had opted for a bunk bed because she considered herself to be the female ‘Tarzan‘. Her elder brother had moved out of the house at 20 and lived in Hertfordshire. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth with the Barbie as Rapunzel ToothBrush I had won in Disneyland, Paris. (It made me feel like a pretty princess). It was cold so I counted myself lucky when I was able to have my bath with warm water.

After dressing up in weather appropriate clothes I went downstairs to greet my Aunt as she was just about to leave for work. My Uncle Matthias always left for work at exactly 6am. How they were able to stick to their separate routines, which were equally sort of rigid, amazed me. “Henrietta, come down & eat. Your breakfast is getting cold”, I called out to my 8 year old cousin. She came downstairs in her pyjamas with her dark, thick hair all about her face. She was really pretty for her age. Chocolate brown eyes, long eyelashes and an adorable heart-shaped face. “Good Morning, Camilla”, said my still sleepy little cousin. She always called me by my English name even when I told her I prefered being called by my unique Igbo name, Ola-edo which meansGold.

By the time I had washed & kept the dishes to dry on the plate rack, Henrietta had dressed up. She was awake now and politely tugged on the sleeve of my cashmere cable crewneck sweater.

Photo Credit:

 I loved the sweater. My Mum had bought it for my Dad at a Ralph Lauren store in New York, the previous year. I liked it, so I had asked him for it & he had given me. Henrietta made her request. “Can we go to the park now. Please, Camilla, please.” I stifled a laugh before replying, so I would sound as serious as I was. “We will go to the park dear, but, only after we have run every errand your mum gave us”. She grumbled then complied. It made me wonder if there was anything more she could have done. 

We were able to catch the 9 o’ clock route 22A Ensignbus to Lakeside. When we got there I took  a look at the list of things Aunt Caroline had given me to do.

Hair Decoration for Henrietta Personal Agenda: A bag & hat Lakeside Claire’s Level 1
Personal Agenda: Nike Court Forces JD Sports Level 2
Beach Print T-shirts for Henrietta Personal Agenda: Accessories & Cosmetics. Next Level 2
Underwear & Accessories (earrings and hair-clips only) for HenriettaLunch. Kid’s meal for Henrietta with Pepsi Marks & SpencerLevel 1 McDonalds Level 1
Frozen: Dumplings, Yogurt & Ice Cream, Seafood: Calamari & Prawns,    Meat & Poultry.Cupboard: Coffee, 4 cans of Baked Beans, Custard, Spaghetti. Sainsbury
Take Henrietta to the Park The Peddle-wing Park

 As I began to think about how long it would take to get all of it done, Henrietta had already taken off to Claire’s to get her hair decorated. I was sure she would not slow me down, so like I would have tweeted it, I told myself…Get all this done correctly in 4 hours so Henrietta can go to the park! #ChallengeAccepted.

Henrietta & I had finished eating at McDonalds. As we were about to exit the Lakeside building, I saw a very tall boy (at least I thought he was a boy) with blue/green eyes like Hayden Christensen & dirty coloured blonde hair. We made eye contact for a full minute before he smiled & looked away. I knew it should not have meant anything to me but it did. I knew I would never see him again but I wanted to.

By 2.46 pm we were heading for the house which wasn’t far from the Sainsbury we had got the groceries from. I freshened up and tried to make Henrietta do the same without luck. After a much needed nap, I took my little cousin to the park.

I let her play around & hang with her school mates who had come to the park with their elder siblings and pet dogs. I quietly sat by myself on a swing though I had no intention to swing. I was happily watching Henrietta have fun with her friends brindled German Shepherd, when someone came & stood in front of me, almost purposely obstructing my view. I looked up & was surprised to see the tall, Caucasian guy from the mall. I looked closely this time and saw that he had a Celtic cross tattoo on his neck and wore a chain with a pendant similar to his chosen body art. He had smiley eyes, a firmly set jaw & a mouth that spelt desire? He was literally mouthing the word ‘desire’ and I was feeling it.

He sat on the swing next to me & in a thick British accent, he said, “Hey, fancy meeting you here. I wanted to have a chat with you at the mall, but you seemed like you were in a bit of a hurry. I’m Lucas, you can call me Luke. What’s your name?” “It’s a pleasure to meet you Luke. My name is Camilla.” I said with a half smile on my face. Luke asked me so many questions like, what country I was from. Who I was living with? What my favourite food was? What my best colours were? What kind of video games I liked playing? Who my favourite Hip-Hop artists were? And what kind of Novels or Magazines I read.

I asked him similar questions and by the time I was done I felt I could sum up who Lucas Greyhound was. His favourite colours were red & black (one point for everything we had in common). He adored Jay Z, Common & Drake. He liked Rihanna and thought her music was pretty awesome as well (2 points there). His favourite food was Pizza (Score!). He loved the FIFA series, GTA IV, Saint Row I-III and God of War: Hero of Sparta.

He was an ardent John Grisham reader. A time to kill was the best Grisham novel he had read; in his opinion it had been the most compelling read. On the other hand, I was an aficionado of Sidney Sheldon, especially, Master of the game. The author whose work mesmerized us both was Anne Rice. The Vampire Chronicles was the most amazing Vampire novel series to have ever crossed our paths. The way she brought to life The Vampire Lestat was gripping. His comeback in Rice’s fourth novel in the Vampire Chronicles, the Tale of the Body thief was unforgettable. Lestat is utterly bored of his existence and suffers from languor. A psychic, who can swap bodies, offers to assuage Lestat’s boredom by allowing him to trade bodies with a human, for one day. The body thief runs off with Lestat’s vampire body and he has to track him down in a feral game of Tom and Jerry.

I could not believe that I had so much in common with Lucas. It was past 6 by the time Henrietta was ready to leave; I was the one who was still not ready. I was having so much fun and when he told me he had enjoyed my company, I felt myself blush. My heart was beating like a talking drum when he leaned in closer to me. I thought he was going to kiss me even though I knew it was an impractical thought. He merely whispered into my ear, “We should hang out for real sometime. Tomorrow, not here, meet me at the Stoned Beavers by 8pm. It is 10 minutes away. If anyone asks you, just say you’re with G”.


This was a petty crime; they were street rats, its how they survived and all I could feel was pity.

I walked in with Ashari, I was literally boring her with Historical facts and poems which she described as “being written by men in the categories of insane, love sick, demented, deprived or utterly miserable”. I could tell she wasn’t a fan.

We quickly walked over to Magazine stand. There were so many to choose from. I preferred the American stock; Elle, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Vogue, Allure e.t.c. We decided on the Elle magazine because the cover model was Kristen Stewart and she looked really good. Suddenly Ashari snatched the Magazine from me & was screaming, “It’s mine!” I became really upset and was yelling at her to give it to me because I saw it first. It turned into a tug of war but, the shop keeper refused to come to my aid. I noticed he was reading a book in Italian, so, to get his attention I shouted, “Ragazza, faresti meglio a stare attento, dammi la rivista maledizione prima che me ne strappare dale tue braccia!”

The speed with which he responded to the words “rip” and “magazine” then, did not surprise me at all. As he was trying to sort us out, D&G made their way to the cash register and were out before you could say “pound the alarm”, I mean, call the police. Immediately they had split from the crime scene, Ashari & I made up and apologized to one another for fighting over a magazine. The aging man looked proud of us as if we were his own children, my heart was racked with guilt but I couldn’t back out then.

It was clean, we were long gone before the man found out he had been robbed, the police had no suspects, the man could not explain where we had come from but he had given almost precise descriptions of us. The girls were happy with their stolen fortune. 600 pounds was a lot of money after all. Ashari looked at me and said, “What was that all about in there? You just started speaking tongues, I was almost scared you had cracked & were preaching!” We all laughed before I replied, “I picked up a bit of Italian with my translator, 2 years ago, when I went to Milan with my family”. They seemed impressed but the truth was; I just loved showing off. Saying I had “picked up” implied that I probably could speak a bit but what I had said proved I knew more than a bit.

Italian:  “Ragazza, faresti meglio a stare attento, dammi la rivista maledizione prima che me ne strappare dale tue braccia!”- “Girl, you had better be careful, give me that damn magazine befor I rip it from your arms!”.



This is the first movie that has made me cry. It was full of passion & love & God‘s infinite grace and mercy. I usually stay away from any and all things romance but this was the big exception. The movie is based on the 1999 romance novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks.

Landon Carter (Shane West) and Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore) can or could be described as polar opposites. Whereas Landon is popular and rebellious, Jamie is quiet, kind and a book worm. Due to his social status Landon cannot be seen talking to or hanging out with Jamie even when she is the one helping him with his lines for the Spring Drama. She walks up to him during school and says, “Hey Carter, so I’ll see you after school?”. Landon is with his friends and is too embarrassed to acknowledge that he spends time with Jamie, so he says, “In your dreams”. He gets what’s coming to him later.

The movie is just one of those movies you can watch 10x over. I have watched it thrice since I downloded it yesterday and it still brought tears to my eyes. Mandy Moore’s voice is divine and pure. The emotions portrayed in the movie could even be called real…at least to my knowledge.

 Nothing says beauty like this movie. It is classic, it is romantic and it gives me faith.

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Here is a sneak peek of my the book I’m working on :)

At 26 she was yet to find someone who would love, cherish & appreciate her the way she was. She thought her past was catching up with her. All those broken hearts she left behind in her youth. “Ignorance is bliss” they say, but they forget to remind you that “Karma is a bitch”. How unfair life seemed a times. She knew it was her fault she was so lonely. She had been so taken away by her beauty & all the admirers, she never thought her attitude would make her so undesirable when it was time for her to be raising a family & attempt to be a good a mother as her own mother had been.

She had friends, married, divorced & one widowed and re-married. She, whom they had expected would have been the first to get married, was still single, sad & very alone. Beauty was not everything. Your face could attract millions & a bad attitude could repulse many more. There were so many times she wished she could go back. She wished her pride had not got in the way of her happiness…or at least what could have sufficed. Her friends had tried to set her up…..oh the numerous catastrophic & pleasantly disastrous dates now tied down in her memory. Where she lost it, she was not sure. She had always prided herself on her ability to tread carefully even on troubled waters, but, again as they say, pride goes before a fall.

To take a trip down memory lane, that boulevard of sadness she constantly drove past to avoid the overwhelming agony tugging daily, gnawing at her very soul. You see, for most it is easy to sound tormented because they are. It was not easy for her. She who used to be the life of the party could make the dead feel alive. All the things she loved to do all reminded her of the people she had loved doing them with before she ruined what could have been…converted into a beautiful friendship. She knew she could only find her way by retracing her steps. Her memory, though a bit hazy, could recollect a great deal & she knew what details she really needed to remember.

Her most cherished mental impression, which she had locked away, if not buried, deep within her, was the one she would recount, slowly & finally.

“How may we help you Miss?” said the adorable looking lady in the Starry Atlantic Air hostess uniform. “Yes, um, I was wondering if I could have another glass of water. Please.” I said in the best Scottish accent I could. I knew I did not have to but it was fun seeing them get amused by my amateur impersonations & as Charles Caleb Colton said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. I was flying by myself to see my Aunty in England. I had been put in the care of Marissa the Air Hostess, since I was still a minor by law. She was a very nice middle-aged lady, 5ft 2 inches, thick brown hair, sun-kissed cheeks, and cute little pink lips, with the softest deep blue eyes I had ever seen. I liked Marissa a lot. She was very friendly and spoke to me like an Aunty. An hour to landing, she came to check on me & we ended up chatting like two girls in high school.

“So, how long do you plan to stay in the U.K dear?” she asked in her high pitched sweet sounding Scottish accent she tried so hard to conceal. (I found it cute & that’s why I tried to imitate it duh). “Three weeks”, I replied gleefully. She asked me what activities I had planned, so I told her. “Well, first I plan to go to the Somerset House Ice Rink then, the London Dungeon“. “Why the Dungeon?” she asked in a motherly manner. “Oh Marissa, the Dungeon is amazing. I love all things exciting & scary, mostly because scary is exciting. At the London Dungeon I’ll get to delve into the ancient capital’s bloody history or at least that’s what I read up when I googled it :)”. She could feel my excitement so she urged me to go on with my to-do list. “I have also always wanted to see the Tower of London. I think it’s absolutely marvelous. I’m not really fascinated by the fact that it houses the Crown Jewels though; my interest is in the prison cell of Sir Walter Raleigh. He was executed in the year 1618 and wrote the poem ‘The soul’s errand’ on the eve of his execution, it was my favourite piece in High School.

By now I could tell Marissa was impressed also because she said, “I thought you were coming here on Holiday, but it’s nice to see you taking an educational view of things. Will you be going for the Notting Hill Carnival? I heard there will be a lot of handsome boys your age”, Marissa said with playful seriousness. I could feel heat rise to my dark cheeks. “Of course I’m going. The Carnival is the largest festival celebration of its kind in Europe. I would be bonkers not to go”, I smiled as I said this.

I arrived at the Heathrow Terminal 3 by 14:14 pm. I spotted my Aunty standing in front of the crowd beside an elderly looking man in a coffee brown weatherproof micro suede jacket (yeah, I could tell. He looked very fresh lol). I greeted my Aunt Caroline. I loved the way she carried the delicate scent of lily-of-the-valley & then other times she just had the soothing smell of Jasmine. She spent a lot of time in her garden so the scents practically got on everything. Another thing about my Aunty that I absolutely loved was her rad Honda CR-V. It was so cool! She told me it had standard stuff like two info screens, a rearview camera, Bluetooth, and a function that reads incoming text messages from paired phones—assuming said phone is from a short list of Blackberry’s or a Droid X.

2012 Honda CR-V

At an average speed of 60mph we arrived at my Aunt’s cozy, beautiful Mediterranean styled home in Essex, West Thurrock in an 1 hour +.

I could smell the heady aroma of wisteria as I walked into the house. There was a park on the opposite side of the road. I could see the children playing & running about with their pet dogs and the teenagers having fun, basking in their youthfulness & some of them were too wrapped up in their hopeless puppy love to concentrate on their little ones.

I definitely looked forward to my 3 weeks in London, oh yes, I most certainly would ;)

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“standard stuff like two info screens, a rearview camera, Bluetooth, and a function that reads incoming text messages from paired phones—assuming said phone is from a short list of Blackberry’s or a Droid X.”-